Sound Restoration and Transfer to CD Service
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Are you interested in having your Virgil Fox recordings digitized for noncommercial (personal) use? If so, I offer my services.

Is this legal? Yes, most definitely. Making a copy of a copyrighted sound recording is legal as long as both of the following two conditions are met:

  1. You own the original LP or recording, and
  2. You will keep the CD transfer for your own use.

It is my policy to perform restorations and transfers in one copy only. Please also notice that my prices are ONLY for consumers and the CD's are to be used only for personal and non-commercial use.

Are there copyright issues? The copyright laws allow the person that has purchased a musical recording to make a copy of the music they purchased on a different medium. Example: you buy the CD, then record it on a cassette to listen to in your car. That is legal. It would not be legal if you then give (or sell) the cassette tape to Aunt Becky. That would be illegal. Also, the copyright laws allow a person to make a copy of the recording for safekeeping (or archiving). I make a copy from the original medium to CD, and return BOTH recordings to you. If I also perform a sound restoration, I charge extra to cover my labor.

Please note that the original source must be in playable condition. For example, I can’t transfer/restore records that skip.

Listed below are the various options and services which I offer my clients.

  1. Basic transfer (The CD will sound just like the original source.)

  2. Transfer and Sound Restoration (The CD will sound BETTER than the original source. A variety of noises are reduced or eliminated.)

  3. If a record needs pops deleted and/or smoothed, it is very time consuming and would cost more. I would need to base the fee for this work on the amount of time involved. I always give an estimate before proceeding.

  4. Color CD cover art and tracks list consists of a complete scan of the front album cover. The music pieces/tracks will be listed on the back.The cover art is printed on high quality laser paper using an HP Color Laser Printer.

  5. Liner note inserts can be provided.

With each transfer, I provide a CD, stored in a jewel case with a transparent cover, and labeled. The labeling includes the artist/composer name and album name, and is printed on a black and white laser printer using photo quality labels.

I can do LPs, 78s, 45s, cassette tapes, and 8 Track Quad tapes.

You may contact me at for pricing and answers to your questions.

Winston J. Willis